Cazú Zegers


Cazú Zegers proposes a different angle of approach towards architecture, in an expressive search, intimately related to Latin America, its territory, landscape and traditions. From here arises a task "in progress" that involves a poetic reflection on the way we inhabit the territory. The thesis that inspires her work is "living light and precarious", referring to a low-tech architecture but with a high experiential impact; understanding that the greatest value of Chile and Latin America is in its territory: "The territory is to America, as the monuments are to Europe," Cazú says.

Cazú Zegers Architecture has established itself as a world leader company in proposing new ways of understanding and inhabiting the territory, with a properly Latin American language, shaping the ways that diverse human groups have to inhabit the space, without seeking to impose themselves, but rather enter in dialogue with the environment allowing to live almost without leaving a trace on the territory and to be a kind addition to Nature. A low-tech stance is proposed that learns from local processes, their ancestral and vernacular techniques.

This approach to the architectural problem and the question about Chile, led her to found in 2006 together with Miguel Laborde and a group of collaborators a Foundation and Center for Geopoetic Studies, "El Observatorio de Lastarria" which would be re-founded as a Foundation +1000 in 2014. Zegers, is part of the prestigious Architecture A-List of ELLE Decor and has been named among the Latin American architects who break down barriers by Forbes Magazine in 2020. In 2021 she obtains the Dora Riedel distinction awarded to the architect or team that has been noted for his or her innovative work, opening new paths in the profession. She is co-creator with Grupo Talca of the collaborative / educational platform Andes Workshop, visiting professor at Yale University, prestigious speaker, Chile Brand Ambassador (2018), her works have been awarded the Grand Prix of Versalles, the National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World and the Latin American Grand Prize for Architecture (1994), among others. Zegers and her team lead in the discipline of ethnoarchitecture and ethnoengineering, generating projects and research with indigenous communities from various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cazú Zegers, director of the multidisciplinary creative ecosystem made up of leading architects and professionals in their areas, acts as lead designer, working hand in hand with the project team, ensuring a coherent and poetic design narrative, which is reflected in a unique work. Our office stands out for a marked attention to detail and for a sensitive respect for nature and original character. As an office we have signed up to a sustainable call made by Architects Declare and the path of being 100% timber architecture. Timber represents the forest, growth, oxygen and life, essential for the well-being of all living beings, which is why as an office we find ourselves in the exploration of high-tech timber and in the deep understanding that it is the material of the 21st century.

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