Cazú Zegers
Ceremonial Center for Parque del Recuerdo

Ceremonial Center for Parque del Recuerdo

  • Project not built - Ceremonial Center Parque del Recuerdo. *
    The second place was obtained from five architecture offices invited to generate a new way of understanding the funeral ritual. The proposal of our Studio reflects on the cycles of life: birth, death and transformation. Translating these concepts into an evolution from traditional funeral architecture towards landscape architecture and ceremony.

The project program materializes the physical and energetic dimension of the human body, being the "columbarium walls" the representation of the first and the park of the second dimension. The volumes that contain the program are arranged loosely in the landscape, with the idea of ​​generating a walk through the park.

Death and the farewell ritual of the inert body are understood as a natural, loving and sustainable process. The body that ceases to be inhabited by the soul becomes "seed body" that is reborn in the trees that make up the park.

Región Metropolitana, Chile

    • Architect
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Architects Associated
    • Hsu Rudolphy
    • Renders
    • Ian Hsu
    • Renders
    • Sebastián Daher