Cazú Zegers
Hotel Chilco Lodge

Hotel Chilco Lodge

The Chilco Lodge Hotel is an unbuilt project that was designed in 2015, which was located near the city of Pucon. The project proposes a curved native wood spa hotel, including spaces that dialogue with its surrounding landscape.

The initial gesture of the Chilco Lodge Hotel was born from the Flor de Chilco, a flower native to South America which grows abundantly in the territory where the hotel was expected to be located. Thanks to Cazú Zegers's methodology of gesture-figure-form, the architect manages, through drawing, to create the form of the project from the dematerialization and from the opening of the petals of this flower.

The Chilco Lodge Hotel was designed based on the condition of the territory that would house it. Here the Coilaco River and its waterfall stood out, as well as the abundance of the Chilco flower. ⁠The unbuilt project was conceived as a small fishing lodge that would have a main body, as well as a spa in the lower sector and a series of independent cabins.

The commission sought to create a spa hotel based on seven water pools, the Coilaco River and its waterfall to allow the visitor a healing space through this natural element. ⁠ The Hotel had a circular spa that was positioned with a view of a small island in the Coilaco River. This space, in addition to the hotel and the 7 independent cabins, were designed to coexist with the landscape.

Cazú Zegers designed spaces "among the trees, in the trees, and in conversation with the trees by the river." For the same reason, the design was worked on so as not to remove any natural element and at the same time generate green roofs so as not to demystify the territory. Thus the small hotel, inspired by the Flower of Chilco, would be integrated into the place and would become one more element of nature.


    • Architect
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Team
    • Gabriel Rudolphy & Ian Hsu
    • Renders
    • Sebastián Daher, Dominga Natho Anwandter, Ki Niet A IK'tein⁠
    • © ️Cazú Zegers Architecture
    • all rights reserved
    • Year of Design
    • 2015
    • Status
    • Not Built