Cazú Zegers
Tierra Patagonia Hotel

Tierra Patagonia Hotel

The gesture of the building arises from the shapes drawn by the wind, a natural element characteristic of the area. The form seeks not to break into the metaphysical landscape of the place, but to join. The image of the hotel is that of an ancient fossil of some prehistoric animal, stranded on the shore of the lake.

Torres de Paine, Chile

    • Architects
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Associated Architects
    • Rodrigo Ferrer-Roberto Benavente
    • Client
    • Katari S.A
    • Structural Engineering
    • Enzo Valladares y Asociados
    • Technical Inspection
    • Coz Cía. ltda / Gustavo Soto
    • Structure
    • Reinforced concrete
    • Photography
    • Pía Vergara / Cristóbal Palma / James Florio / Morten Andersen/ Christian Spies
    • Site Area — 70 hectares
    • Built Area — 4900 m2
    • Year of construction — 2011