Cazú Zegers


“ On the banks of a river, the lonco and the head of a Mapuche community in formation, think the name of the place, the lonco proposes that they listen to the river and instantly, came out of the water a white horse ". In Mapudungun; Kawellu means horse and Co mean water, hence the name Kawelluco.

Kawelluco is a ruralization, different to an urbanization, it answers to the disarticulation of the city, not as a bathing place but as a way of living in a community. The dispersed energy of an antique logging was used to impulse the conservation of a native natural park located at 10 minutes of Pucón city.

The landscape was hurt. The air of the mountain remained. But the exploitation of the wood is indifferent to a volcano, the Villarrica could destroy the area, again and again.

As a consequence, the geographic accident is accepted and trails and little parks are created as a net. Of the total land, 600 hectares are nature reserves and the remaining 396 are destined to ruralized sites, whose minimum unit of subdivision is one hectare.

All the people of Kawelluco have a trade, which defines their houses as workshops. For this reason, from the vernacular carpentry, two typologies of houses are represented, works of low budget and made by resident carpenters.