Cazú Zegers
Cáscara House

Cáscara House

A house is a fruit, its horizontal wooden shell tends to fade at the ends, by means of latticework, made of ribbons, edge posts on the windows and spaced one inch apart. The way an orange opens, the access is built, the perfume. All this in the primordial gestures of drawing with their own steps.

Kawellucó, IX Región

    • Architects
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Team
    • Grupo Aira - Juan Pablo Almarza
    • Client
    • Inmobiliaria Agrícola Bosques de Pucón
    • Technical Inspection
    • Rafael Larraín
    • Structure
    • Native wood carpentry and coihue structure
    • Photography
    • Guy Wenborne
    • Site Area — 1 hectárea
    • Built Area — 91m2
    • Year of construction — 2003