Cazú Zegers
Casa Larga

Casa Larga

The "Long House" is a proposal for the typical house that embodies the concept of which the project of urbanization and ruralization of Las Mostazas is developed with. It is designed from the basic horizontal rectangle, in order to appreciate the view of the sea from all the rooms of the house. This basic body is articulated to create places and income of light, and the views of the beautiful hills of the place.

IV Región de Coquimbo

    • Condominio Las Mostazas
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Urbanización
    • SB2 Constructores
    • Director
    • Diego Sironvalle P.
    • Paisajismo
    • Teresa Moller
    • Recursos Hídricos
    • Sergio Smythe A.
    • Tamaño Loteo
    • 75 hectáreas
    • Área Comun
    • 16 hectáreas