Cazú Zegers


The Concierge House was inspired by two mustard seeds which shape the entrance to the The Mostazas condominium. The place was developed in conjunction with the landscaper Teresa Moller with whom it was decided to maintain the existing vegetation and reinforce it with endemic plantations, taking advantage of the large amount of fresh water present in the place.

IV Región de Coquimbo

    • Arquitecto
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Urbanización
    • SB2 Constructores
    • Director
    • Diego Sironvalle P.
    • Paisajismo
    • Teresa Moller
    • Recursos Hídricos
    • Sergio Smythe A.
    • Tamaño Loteo
    • 75 hectáreas
    • Área Comun
    • 16 hectáreas