Cazú Zegers
Oficinas Felices

Oficinas Felices

"Projects of interior design present the challenge of breaking the limits of physical space to generate new limits that have to do with work relationships, interpersonal relationships and their relationship with the landscape and available views" ©Cazú Zegers

Happy Offices is an interior design project carried out in 2017 for a law firm located in a building owned by FG ​​Arquitectos in the Vitacura district of Santiago de Chile. The commission sought to open the closed spaces usually associated with a standard office in order to incorporate collaborative work and large meeting places for its clients.

"We wanted to create a kind of glass box that could put you in the landscape" ©Cazú Zegers
Inspired by the six proposals for this millennium by the Italian writer, Ítalo Calvino, Zegers incorporated the work of transparencies as a founding concept of this project, a concept that in turn has characterized most of his interior design projects. This was worked from the incorporation of the showcase as a dividing element of the offices.

The incorporation of luminosity was worked on together with the same flow that the architectural space of the building proposed and arranged. Therefore, it was designed organically next to the ellipse that made up the building where the offices are located.

The name of this project characterizes the challenge that was taken in order to question how happiness can be generated in a workplace. Strategies were chosen to create spaces in relation to nature and the landscape. In turn, a kind of lounge and small cafe were incorporated to share, read a book or think from another place. The furniture and decoration of this space were chosen by the clients of the office project.


    • Architect
    • Cazú Zegers
    • Year
    • 2017
    • Type of Project
    • Interior Design
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